Enough is the story of Kacee Marie Robinson and her personal journey into a life she thought she knew.  Her own life.  After receiving a disturbing phone call one random Tuesday morning, Kacee knows she must return home to Glendale, Texas, or face another twenty years of personal regret.  She and her mom Ruth have been at war for more than twenty years.  At least since her mother decided to ruin Kacee's life anyhow.  With mental illness lining the underbelly of the pair’s relationship and her mom’s uncanny ability to press her buttons, things weren’t likely to get better until she swallowed her pride and faced her past.  

Kacee enlists the help of her beloved Aunt Jackie.  Instead of cushioning, she gains insight into the darkly human, painfully exploratory, and unequivocally unforgettable secrets that turned her mother down a darkened path all those years ago.  Perhaps what started as a journey of forgiveness has morphed into so much more.  Visions of deeply concealed bruises and visceral scars, never to escape the most surprising of unrelenting grips.  Dare she forge ahead, hoping that with understanding comes healing?   Maybe some family secrets are best left hidden in the pages of a journal, blanketed in piles of dusty old cash, and  buried at the bottom of a box. 

Enough walks the reader through all-too-familiar family dynamics, as well as broaching taboo topics of divorce, domestic abuse and mental illness increasingly plaguing many households, yet oftentimes shrouded in shame and secrecy.


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