• deonnakay

Life's Not Fair

One thing I've learned is that life is TRULY not fair. It's not. No matter how you slice it, someone will always find greater fortune, surround herself with an easier life, or find herself living in a more pristine form of utopia than you. That's just the way it is. As a working single mom, there's been days (and still are days) I've allowed this cliched phrase to seep into my mental vocabulary.

In light of recent activities, I'm disturbed to the core at the alarming number of adults who have yet to accept this truth as fact. You see, life isn't fair indeed. Why, you ask? Please allow me the liberty to expand upon this very topic. Life isn't fair for the sheer fact that we are not all given the same gifts or born into the same circumstances. That's it. No paramount illumination. Case in point- some of us must EARN our way into college, while others have parents who BUY admission. Folks, this is something exceedingly difficult for me to comprehend. What do I teach my child, if not to work hard and accept defeats along the way with grace? What does she learn from being handed a proverbial silver platter, stacked with treasures for which her peers linger by mailboxes with bated breath? What does she know of growth in the cold, unwieldy eyes of rejection, if she leads of life of carefully-constructed perpetual approval? Character is lost. She learns that life IS fair. She learns everyone DOES have the same chance and, if they don't, it's not her problem perhaps. She learns disdain, hatred, intolerance.

And that, my friends, widens the gap to make this world just a little MORE unfair.


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