• deonnakay

Me Party

In the midst of a super hectic season, I'm taking time out to celebrate the small stuff. The random silly texts from my child. My morning coffee/writing ritual, my "me time." A project completed at the office. Successfully getting three pills down the 105 pound lab (he's not so great at taking his meds). I oftentimes find myself so focused on the future that I fail to live today. Polishing the manuscript, making headway on the next WIP, checking and double checking the calendar for conflicts,

churning the hamster wheel. Some days call for a complete cessation. A life "time out." No striving for perfection. No meeting a deadline. No climbing toward the next goal. Just time to be. And to be with the ones who love you just the way you are. Who celebrate you. We all need to throw ourselves a "me party" every now and then. Make today the day.


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