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Prolonging the inevitable

We have a yellow lab. You might have seen him around or spied him on the front page of the site. He's a handsome boy and, quite honestly, the second love of my life. My daughter is the first. The truth is, I didn't actually care for dogs before him. And big dogs were completely out of the question. Nope. Nope. Nope. Then there was Harley. I melted at the interaction of this furry creature with my then four-year-old daughter. The tenderness. The unconditional love. He was a pure heart wrapped in fur and giant clumpy paws. Every defense I had was shattered, and the two became a pair. Now, thirteen years later, they still stand inseparable. Except...his body is failing him. It's tough to watch him struggle to walk.

Accidents happen at the most inopportune times. Eating somehow seems optional. Taking nine pills a day no longer helps control the symptoms. A recent visit to the vet provides hope for one last option. Reflecting on this, I thought to myself...but are we simply prolonging the inevitable? And then, upon further contemplation, I was forced to ask...isn't that what we all are doing? We take pills for high blood pressure and seizures. We eat healthy and exercise. We try and get adequate sleep each night and remain hydrated. Why? To live longer and ensure that those minutes, hours, days, years are filled with a decent quality of life. In other words, to prolong the inevitable. So, yes, I'll continue to hope and continue to pull out all the stops for this giant yellow lab of mine. I owe it to him to provide the best quality of life I can, for as long as I can. And when that time comes...well...

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