• deonnakay

Staying the Course

I gleaned a great deal of inspiration and wisdom from my grandmother. Of course, at the time she rendered such advice I was much too young and naive to realize the depth of her intellect. (Being the mother of a teenager, this brings me great hope for the future). Toward the end of her life, my grandmother lived with us for a short while. One of the phrases I remember her uttering, in her jubilant, can't-nobody-get-me-down voice, was, "stay the course." Frustration from college or as a result of a relationship? "Stay the course." In other words, let your drive be your guide. My grandmother was widowed at a young age. She raised two great adults and supported herself. By herself. To boot, I rarely witnessed her without a smile on her face or some corny joke spilling out of her mouth. She cooked to make others happy and faced cancer like a pro. As we oftentimes struggle as writers, I think of my grandmother's words. "Stay the course." Continue to hone the craft and pursue the dream. Afterall, I began this journey writing for myself. It's therapeutic. I hope one day my writing will be shared with the rest of the world. But until then...I will "stay the course."


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