• deonnakay

Summer in Overdrive

Do you remember when summer consisted of TV dinners and staying in your pajamas all day, watching cartoons? The best part of the afternoon was meeting up with your friend at the corner to share a popsicle, eating it quickly before it melted. Nowadays, summers are filled with camps and workshops, every moment of every day planned. Those of you who know me recognize I'm queen of a good schedule, but I think we miss something when we don't allow our kids to just BE. Sleeping in until noon is not overrated when you're sixteen- remember? Today's fast-paced and competitive society often forces our hand to fill summertime with enrichment and to utilize it as "catch-up" for academics or skills missed during the school year. Some of that is fine, but I say let's not forget they are only kids once. And, if you're honest- wouldn't you enjoy staying in your pajamas all day every now and again?


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