• deonnakay

The Great Unknown

Today is different. Uneasy. The last couple of weeks have been wrought with tears and tons of sentimental value. Coming to grips with the passing of our thirteen-year-old lab has been rough. On the flip side, my daughter decided to begin searching for a new life to introduce into our family much earlier than anticipated. At first, I resisted. I'm warming to the idea, bordering on embracing it. Today, we will meet a little guy. We've agreed he must be a good fit for our family. At first glance, however, he sure looks like it. Last evening, I told her I feel as if I'm considering adoption of a newborn baby, having not done this in thirteen years. I couldn't sleep last night, can't eat, and my nerves are out of control. Plunging deep into the underbelly of the ocean when most days I can barely stay above water. Perhaps this is what I need- resurrection by immersion. The unknown is scary, yet sometimes turns out pretty darn great.


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